Why can a seller reject my offer?

A seller is not required to accept your offer just because you wrote an offer, even if it is for full list price. There are other aspects of an offer which are also important, such as: possession date, amount of deposit, specific terms and conditions on the offer. They may counter the offer or reject it completely. If they reject it, you can rewrite the offer to improve it, or keep looking.

In a seller’s market, a seller may have listed their home very low, and are looking to get as much traffic as possible so they can push it into multiple offers that are well above list. Or they may list their home at about what it should sell for, and maybe they get list or hopefully above list price. Or they list above market value, and then wait to see if they get their purchase price. This is a primary reason why sellers may outright reject an offer – because they are expecting more than you offered and would rather wait until another buyer is willing to pay what they are hoping to get.

Some sellers get offended when a buyer offers to purchase at a price well below market value, in hopes of ‘getting a deal’, or that the seller is desperate and will sell for less. In those cases, they often will ignore the offer (which is basically declining the offer without communicating that to the buyer) or they sign the rejection section of the offer.

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