What is Common Property?

Common property in Dana VillageCommon property is anything that is not contained in your unit. For example: the hallway, driveway, landscaping, amenities, your balcony/deck. Common property is the responsibility of the board to maintain, and all owners pay to maintain and update the common property. In the photo, the sitting area in this building is considered common property, even though it is right next to an apartment unit. The condo complex maintains this area, and in the case of this building, volunteers take care of the gardening!

Patio area that is common propertyIn townhouse and villa condos, this (very likely!) applies to your front yard and back yard area. For owners who wish to garden or plant trees, they must get condo board approval. Also check the bylaws to see if you are required to maintain the tree within your fenced area. In this photo, the outdoor space is very private, it is owned by the condo corporation but the onwer is responsible for maintaining it.

What is contained in your unit is your responsibility – but it still means you may need to get board approval to do some renovations (this will be specific to each complex) and there are rules in the bylaws that state the unit must be maintained. Ultimately the board, as governed by bylaws, is responsible for the entire complex and buildings, and they want to ensure that the value is maintained for all owners.

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