Top 6 Things to look for in a Neighbourhood

  1. Proximity to amenities and necessities. Depending on your lifestyle, but this could mean being close to the pathway system in Calgary, or maybe it is living near the nightlife of Calgary – think about where you go on a regular basis, and if you would like to either continue living in that area, or maybe you want to move closer to that area.
  2. Safety. The City of Calgary produces a Community Crime and Disorder Map you can check out, or you can ask friends or co-workers who live in that area how they feel about safety in that community.
  3. Transportation. Consider the availability of transit and access to major roadways. If you need transit to commute to work and are unsure of how long it will take, the City of Calgary has a trip planner that can help! And if are very serious about a particular area, it is always a good idea to pretend you are commuting to work and see how long the trip takes in real time.
  4. Local schools. Do some research on the schools in the community and if they will meet the needs of your family (or future family!).
  5. Age and condition of homes in the neighborhood. Drive around and see if you like the vibe of the community – this will help determine if you are wanting something brand new, or are ok with a more vintage home!
  6. Distance from friends and family. I see this a lot with young families who want to be closer to their parents to help with child care. If being close to a loved one is important, ask yourself how long a drive/commute you are willing to do, then set that radius around their home.

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