Should you list your home before repairs are done?

Well, it depends! You want to make sure anything you can easily and inexpensively can fix before you list is done, especially for anything that will be discovered on a home inspection. If you know that faucet is leaking?? Probably a good idea to fix it, especially if you are a handy person. If you wait for a home inspection to uncover these issues, it can go a couple of ways. The buyer wants that leaky faucet fixed, by a certified plumber, and they want a receipt. Or, the buyer says nothing and will fix it when they move in. But waiting until the home inspection – when emotions are generally at their highest, is not the time to test which type of buyer is trying to buy your property!

If you need to list right away and there is a bunch of work you know needs to be done (especially incomplete renovation jobs), you could either schedule the repairs and let buyers know these things will be completed. Or leave them to see if the buyer will bring it up after the home inspection. But understand leaving unfinished work can make the buyer question what else is not finished that they can’t see.

If an appliance or attached goods is not working, like a humidifier, then it is best to list the item ‘as is’ so the buyer is aware ahead of time that the item is not working, and they know not to request it be fixed prior to purchasing the property.

There are so many variables involved in determining if you should do the repairs before you list. If you are thinking of selling and would like to discuss your options, give me a call! Let’s chat. No pressure. No obligation. Just information.

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