Buying and Selling with Pets


First impressions matter! I understand it can be hard for sellers to sell their homes when they have a pet. And sometimes, showings don’t go so well when pets are involved! I have taken buyers to a home where there was a very angry sounding dog behind the front door. They opted not to see the house. I have shown a beautiful home where there was an odour coming from the basement, where the dog had clearly been using the space as their bathroom. I have had to be on the lookout for a cat who liked to escape (this usually turns into a group effort). I have had buyers grab the cat who escaped (I am mildly allergic!). All this results in very unpleasant showings, and unless you are in a hot market, it can hurt your chance of selling your home. 

Do a deep clean of the entire house, be sure to clear out unnecessary pet toys, and make sure any litter boxes are maintained and tucked away. Also be sure the yard is free of dog gifts, so buyers are free to walk around without worrying about stepping in anything.

If you can remove your pets for showings, or can put them in a portable kennel, that is best. A note on a door of the room containing the kennel is a nice heads up, as is a note warning of snakes in aquariums. I can tell you from personal experience some buyers will avoid that room all together!


When buying a detached home, or anything non-condo, you want to make sure the property will be sufficient for your pet, be it a fenced in yard or close proximity to walking trails.

If you are thinking of buying a condo, and you have a cat or dog, then you need to take extra precautions. Condo bylaws allow condo corporations to set rules around the number, type and even size of the pets permitted in the unit, as well as noise controls and penalties. It is best practice to get your pet approved prior to waiving conditions. Also be objective if your pet is suitable for condo life! I have seen it where an owner was given the choice to remove the pet or themself because of numerous complaints of the dog barking all day long when the owner was at work. And if you want to change out the carpet, be sure to review the condo bylaws and policies – some buildings require carpet in bedrooms. 

Finally – moving can be very stressful for pets, and some animals can take a while to adjust to their new home. You can try scent training (start near your pet’s things and hide treats around the home so they can explore and de-stress). Playing fetch or other games with your pet can also help them adjust to their new surroundings. 

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