A Little Bird Told Me...

...how to be a buyer in a seller's world!  "The market is ‘heating up’"... "We haven’t seen prices like this since 2006"... "Largest interest rate hike in over 20 years" It is bananas out there!!

What is a buyer to do? It is possible to buy a property in this market, but it is important to become educated in the process of buying a home. This ain't 2019 any more!!

This webinar will give you information on the home buying process, but also strategies for buying a home in a seller’s market. We’ll peel the curtain back and give you an inside look into what is really happening out there. 

When: May 13, 2022
Time: 12:00pm to 12:30pm
How: Zoom! Link will be emailed to participants the day of the webinar.
Register: via email to jensipkens@gmail.com
Presenter: Sharlene Scott with Mortgageline Mortgage Architects

A Little Bird Told Me is a FREE monthly series of informative webinars on a variety of topics that relate to home ownership.

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Next Date and Topic: June 13, 2022